Auckland Transport and the NZ Transport Agency have released the Indicative Strategic Transport Network to support growth in North Auckland.

Transport Network for North Auckland

The network in the North provides the community with:

  • improved access to local destinations
  • reliable access for the movement of people and goods
  • safe and resilient travel choices to encourage a shift to walking, cycling and public transport use.

This transport network integrates with Auckland Council’s development of a structure plan that identifies the mix and location of industrial land uses in the Silverdale West – Dairy Flat area.

 North map
North Auckland Indicative Strategic Transport Network [PDF, 835 KB]

The transport network is a 30-year plan for a well-connected system that will deliver great safety, accessibility and liveability outcomes in North Auckland. It includes:

  • A proposed new rapid transit corridor extending from Albany to Dairy Flat and onto Milldale
  • Proposed new or improved public transport corridors including bus shoulder lanes from Albany to Silverdale and a high frequency bus route connecting Orewa and Silverdale
  • Strategic walking and cycling links
  • Improvements to the Northern Motorway (SH1) including increased capacity and upgraded interchanges at Redvale, Wainui and Silverdale.

More information is in our latest newsletter North Auckland Transport Connections [PDF, 1.3 MB].

Detailed descriptions of some of the projects included in the transport network plan are available below:

Other priority projects

While this network will be developed in the medium to long term, projects including the current Dairy Flat Highway Safety Improvements will be implemented in the short term to improve safety and manage congestion.

In addition, works to support the live-zoned areas of Wainui are being funded by Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP).

More information on other priority projects can be found at:

Next steps

Over the next few years our programme will be progressing more detailed investigations and further engagement with project partners, stakeholders, landowners and the community, and will begin staged route protection [PDF, 54 KB] processes across all future urban growth areas and transport projects. 

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