28 October 2020: Find out about the Ōpāheke Road to Great South Road project

Between 18 May and 19 June 2020, we asked for feedback on proposals to create safe walking and cycling paths along Ōpāheke Road, Ponga Road and Waihoehoe Road.

We’re now proposing to extend the separated walking and cycling path into Papakura from Ōpāheke Road to Great South Road. To accommodate the new walking and cycling path we’ll need to widen the intersection at Ōpāheke Road and Settlement Road. Click here to see a map and project description [PDF, 958 KB].

Opaheke Road and Settlement Road intersection

Ōpāheke Road and Settlement Road intersection

This is part of the Ōpāheke Road to Great South Road project, along with a range of other proposed road improvements, planned over the next 10-30 years to support growth in Drury.

We’re currently investigating the land that will be needed to widen the Ōpāheke Road and Settlement Road intersection in the future.

Our preferred option is to protect the land for a future roundabout on the southern side of Ōpāheke Road because it will:

  • make it safer for all road users (pedestrians, bikes and vehicles) and
  • minimise the impact on the Papakura Cemetery.

We’re currently talking to landowners about protecting the land for this project well in advance of its construction in the future.

We recognise that traffic patterns and demands are likely to change over time and the form and function of the Ōpāheke Road and Settlement Road intersection may need to be reviewed. In the future, when the final design is confirmed and the project is closer to being constructed, there will be further opportunities for community engagement. 

Future transport - what’s happening in Drury-Ōpāheke?

We’ve proposed transport improvements to be built in the future within the Drury-Ōpāheke area to give people more active transport choices, allow them to walk or cycle to public transport and connect to where they need to go. These include:

  • Upgrading State Highway 22.
  • A new Ōpāheke North-South connection and upgrade to Waihoehoe Road.
  • Upgrading Jesmond Road, Auranga Road 1 and Bremner Road.
  • Upgrading Bremner and Norrie Road (east).
  • Widening Ōpāheke Road to Great South Road, Ponga Road and Waihoehoe Road.

We’re planning now so that essential infrastructure is in place before development starts on Drury’s future town centre and future housing in surrounding areas. Over the next 30 years, the Drury – Ōpāheke structure plan will create new housing for a population of about 60,000.

This new population will increase transport trips for employment, education, and retail purposes in and around the Drury, Ōpāheke and Papakura area. Ōpāheke Road will be a key route for walking and cycling, as well as vehicle and bus trips. The proposed upgrades to Ōpāheke Road will add safe off-road walking and cycling facilities to help meet future demand.

Community engagement:

We’re currently talking to landowners about protecting the land needed in the future to widen Ōpāheke Road to Great South Road, including the intersection at Ōpāheke Road and Settlement Road, and what this may mean for their properties.

Construction of transport projects is expected over the next 10-30 years as Auckland Council rezones land in the Drury-Ōpāheke area for urban development. As our proposals progress, there will be opportunities for community engagement in the future when these transport projects are required. 

In the meantime, if you would like further information, contact us at info@supportinggrowth.nz or call 0800 GROW AKL.


8 October 2020: Effects of COVID-19 on the Supporting Growth Programme

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on Auckland Transport and the wider Auckland Council whānau. As a result, Auckland Council is implementing an Emergency Budget which has reduced Auckland Transport’s budget.

Unfortunately, this means that some projects in southern Auckland have now been put on hold. These include:  

  • Pukekohe Expressway and connections to State Highway 22 and the Pukekohe Urban Arterial.
  • Takaanini rail crossings (not yet started).
  • Takaanini Frequent Transport Network (not yet started).

Projects that are continuing:

Keeping you informed:

Over the coming months we’ll continue to engage with partners, stakeholders and the community to share information and keep everyone updated on all projects.

If you have any questions please contact us on our freephone number, 0800 GROW AKL (0800 4769 255) or email info@supportinggrowth.nz.


28 September 2020: Your feedback – what we heard and what’s happening next in southern Auckland

Between 18 May and 19 June 2020, we asked for public feedback across a range of proposed transport projects in southern Auckland.

Thank you to everyone who gave their feedback during this time.

We’ve prepared a summary of the feedback we received - you can find read it by clicking here [PDF, 342 KB](external link)

Over the coming months we’ll continue to engage with the community to close the loop on your feedback. We’ll continue to share information as we refine our preferred options and progress towards route protection.

Some priority projects, such as Mill Road, are happening sooner than others and will help unlock growth in southern Auckland.

Mill Road corridor is moving forward

As part of the Government’s New Zealand Upgrade Programme(external link)(external link) investment announcement in January 2020, Mill Road will be delivered by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and plans for construction are now being finalised. 

Over the coming months, site investigations will be carried out to understand the environment in and around the Mill Road corridor. This information along with feedback from the May – June 2020 public engagement(external link)(external link) will help to confirm the preferred route.

Click here for an update on Mill Road and the next steps for the project.(external link)(external link)

Thank you again for submitting your feedback. Ongoing engagement with property owners, communities, stakeholders and partners during this time is key to working together to plan the future transport for southern Auckland.


July 2019: Proposed future transport network for southern Auckland

Auckland Transport and Waka Kothai NZ Transport Agency has confirmed an Indicative Strategic Transport Network for southern Auckland - a vision for what future transport will look like for future growth areas in the south.

The transport network for the south outlines the options for travelling within the local area and to places further afield such as the Auckland CBD, the airport and inter-regionally to the upper North Island.

This transport network integrates with Auckland Council’s development of a structure plans that identify the mix and location of housing, employment, retail, commercial and communities in southern Auckland.

 South map
Southern Auckland Indicative Strategic Transport Network [PDF, 2.4 MB]

The transport network is a 30-year plan for a well-connected system that will deliver great safety, accessibility and liveability outcomes in southern Auckland. It includes:

  • Ongoing investment in the rail network and frequent bus services.
  • A walking and cycling network.
  • Safety upgrades and improvements to the roading network, including on key rural routes.
  • Proposed new strategic routes including the Mill Road Corridor and an alternative route to Pukekohe, alongside other state highway upgrades.

More information is in our latest newsletter Southern Auckland Transport Connections [PDF, 2.6 MB] [, ].

Detailed descriptions of some of the projects included in the transport network plan are available below:

Other priority projects

A number of other priority projects are already underway:

Next steps

Over the next few years our programme will be progressing more detailed investigations and further engagement with project partners, stakeholders, landowners and the community, and will begin staged route protection [PDF, 54 KB] processes across all future urban growth areas and transport projects. 

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