30 November: Have your say on the draft Spatial Land Use Strategy for the northwest

Working together with Auckland Council's approach to growth

Northwest Spatial Land Use Strategy

Auckland in 2050 will look different to the Auckland we know today. The population is expected to grow by up to one million people.

Most of this growth will go into existing urban areas and around a third will go into future urban zoned areas (greenfields) identified in the Auckland Unitary Plan.

To support this growth and to ensure our future land use and transport networks work together, Auckland Council are drafting a Spatial Land Use Strategy for the future urban zoned areas in the northwest:

  • KumeĆ«-Huapai
  • Riverhead
  • Redhills North.

The Spatial Land Use strategy will identify potential locations for future centres and business land that our new transport network will support.

You can find more information and give feedback on the proposed Spatial Land Use strategy on the Auckland Council AK Have Your Say website(external link)(external link).

You can have your say from 30 November to 15 January 2021.

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