February 2021: Dury Arterial Network Notices of Requirement

Te Tupu Ngātahi Supporting Growth (Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency) are working to plan and deliver the future road and rail requirements to support expected growth in in the Drury-Ōpāheke area over the next 10-30 years.   

Notices of Requirement to designate land have now been lodged with Auckland Council for these projects:

  • State Highway 22 upgrade
  • Jesmond to Waihoehoe West upgrade
  • Waihoehoe Road East upgrade
  • Ōpāheke North-South Arterial
  • Ponga Road and Ōpāheke Road upgrade

If your property is directly affected by the Notice of Requirement to designate land for any of these transport projects, Auckland Council will notify you directly and invite you to make a submission.

You can find out more about the Notices of Requirement to designate land (NoR) for these projects in the lodgement documents on the Auckland Council website(external link):

Alteration to Designation 6707 State Highway 22 Updgrade (NZTA)(external link)

Jesmond to Waihoehoe West FTN Upgrade (Auckland Transport)(external link)

Waihoehoe Road East Upgrade (Auckland Transport)(external link)

Ōpāheke North-South FTN Arterial (Auckland Transport)(external link)

Ponga Road and Ōpāheke Road Upgrade (Auckland Transport)(external link)




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