Community feedback is closed for Kumeū-Huapai, Redhills, Riverhead and Whenuapai areas

Between November 2020 and February 2021 we asked for feedback on these projects: 


Thank you to everyone who gave their feedback during this time.

We’ve prepared a summary of the feedback themes – you can read it by clicking here [PDF, 230 KB](external link).


A well-planned public transport system for North West Auckland

Find out more about why we’re proposing a North West rapid transit corridor [PDF, 673 KB] instead of using the existing railway line.

NW RTN Factsheet [PDF, 673 KB]


North West Auckland Indicative Strategic Transport Network

 North West map
North West Auckland map [PDF, 1.8 MB]

Detailed descriptions of some of the projects included in the transport network:


Newsletter - North West Auckland Transport Connections

 Newsletter North West Auckland thumbnail
North West Auckland Transport Connections [PDF, 2.3 MB]

2018 Feedback Summary

North West
Feedback Summary North West (external link)

2018 Consultation - Information Displays 

The information below shows the transport options consulted on with the public and stakeholders in 2018.

 The Growth  Where we are heading  Strategic connections  Key State Highway Improvements  Kumeu Huapai alternative state highway
 The Growth Story: North West(external link)

 Where We Are Heading(external link)

 Strategic Connections(external link)

Key State Highway Improvements(external link)  Kumeū-Huapai Alternative State Highway Corridor(external link)
 Improving Public transport  Developping walking and cycling  Improving Connections Kumeu Huapai  Improving connection to Riverhead  Improving Connection to Redhills
 Improving Public Transport in the Northwest(external link)  Developing a Walking and Cycling Network(external link)  Improving Connections in Kumeū-Huapai(external link)  Improving Connections to Riverhead(external link)  Improving Connections to Redhills(external link)
 Improving Connections to Whenuapai  What could connection look like      
 Improving Connections to Whenuapai(external link)  What Could The Connections Look Like in the North West?(external link)      




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