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North West Auckland

Auckland's North West is experiencing huge growth. Over the next 30 years, there will be more than 44,000 new houses and 21,000 new jobs in the areas of Kumeū-Huapai, Riverhead, Redhills and Whenuapai, which are zoned for future urban growth.

We’re planning the North West’s future transport network to help people move around in a safe and low-carbon transport system. New transport options will connect new communities and deliver essential infrastructure to help future-proof the economy.

A well-designed, integrated transport network for the North West is being planned now for delivery over the next 10 to 30 years. It includes these projects:

  • An alternative state highway – a new route extending the existing North Western Motorway from Brigham Creek Road to State Highway 16 east of Waimauku, moving the current state highway out of Kumeū-Huapai town centre.
  • A future rapid transit corridor between Westgate and Kumeū-Huapai to provide efficient, frequent, high quality public transport.
  • A cycling and walking corridor connecting Whenuapai and the northern part of Redhills to Kumeū-Huapai.
  • Upgraded local transport connections in Whenuapai, Redhills, Kumeū-Huapai and Riverhead.

North West Auckland Indicative Strategic Transport Network map [PDF, 1.8 MB]

What’s happening now?

Work is underway to refine the preferred options and we're engaging with landowners, stakeholders and the community—including information on timeframes and next steps—as each project within the network progresses.

Accelerated projects in Redhills and Whenuapai

Some transport connections were prioritised and funded through the North West Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) to support accelerated housing development in Redhills and Whenuapai, and to integrate with new housing, employment, retail and commercial land zoning in the Auckland Unitary Plan. This includes the following projects:

However in late 2020, the Trig Road upgrade and Redhills projects were delayed and have now been put on hold. Planning and preparation to lodge the Notices of Requirement (NoR) are dependent on future funding decisions.

Next steps

Over the next few years our programme will be progressing more detailed investigations and further engagement with project partners, stakeholders, landowners and the community, and will begin staged route protection processes across all future urban growth areas and transport projects.

Project information

Further information about individual projects in the North West, from the November 2020 to February 2021 consultation period, is available here:

Why propose a rapid transit corridor instead of using the existing railway line?

During our conversations with local communities we've been asked “Why can't the rail line between Swanson and Huapai be used or upgraded to provide passenger services that connect to the city centre?”

It’s a good question and has been investigated several times since 2013. We’ve gathered all the background detail and created a fact sheet which summarises why we’re proposing a North West rapid transit corridor instead of using the existing railway line.

North West Auckland rapid transport factsheet [PDF, 673 KB]

How do I find out more about the history of these projects?

Our timeline down the right hand side of the page details the work done so far with projects in North West Auckland. Please note this excludes projects within the North West Housing Infrastructure Fund.

Other North West transport projects

Right now, people living in the North West have limited options for travelling to work, study and social activities. While this network will be developed in the medium to long term, a range of priority projects are being underway to improve safety, offer transport choice and relieve congestion. These include:

  • North West bus improvements(external link), including new bus stops and extending bus shoulders on the Northwestern Motorway between Westgate and Newton Road.
  • A direct connection between SH16 and SH18, with new shared paths and interchange upgrades.
  • Upper Harbour Rapid Transit (Westgate to Hobsonville).

Work on improvements along SH16 Brigham Creek to Waimauku are already underway to improve safety and capacity along this stretch of the highway for all road users.

SH16 Brigham Creek to Waimauku project(external link)

There are also plans to provide rapid transit to the North West in the long term.


View all publications relating to North West Auckland.


The northwest community told us their transport aspirations for the area [PDF, 3.5 MB]. This helped shape our initial northwest transport plan. 
The plan was reassessed and options refined, with feedback sought from the community stakeholders, Manawhenua, local boards and transport interest groups [PDF, 496 KB].
This feedback was used to help finalise the indicative strategic transport network for the North West (Indicative Business Case [PDF, 17 MB]).
Technical investigations continue to refine corridor study areas of new routes in the network, including the proposed Alternative State Highway.
Late 2020-early 2021
Landowner and community consultation on the proposed North West network including new transport connections.
June 2021
Consultation feedback [PDF, 230 KB] and next steps shared with the community.
Late 2021
Submission of Detailed Business Case (DBC) to Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi for approval and commencement of route protection (Notice of Requirement) processes.