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Pukekohe, Paerata and south Drury

Open for feedback now

(external link)We’re proud to be helping plan the transport infrastructure that will be needed to create safe, accessible and liveable communities for future Aucklanders.

We want your feedback on the future transport networks in Pukekohe, Paerata and south Drury.

Tell us what you think(external link)

By 2050 more than 65,000 people are expected to be living in Pukekohe, Paerata, and south Drury with around 12,500 new homes and 5000 new jobs expected as a result of this population increase. Areas of land across the Pukekohe, Paerata and south Drury have been zoned future urban to support planned business and residential growth.

Te Tupu Ngātahi Supporting Growth is working to protect land for modern, integrated, safe, and sustainable transport networks that will better connect future communities with options for walking, cycling, using public transport, and driving.

This work integrates with the Auckland Council Pukekohe-Paerata Structure Plan(external link) and Drury-Opaheke Structure plan(external link) and community aspirations that transport networks support the mix and location of housing, employment, retail, commercial, and communities in the area.

The timing for construction of the new transport network will vary and is dependent on the release of surrounding land for development and funding.

What are we seeking feedback on?

We are currently asking for your feedback on a number of projects as part of the future transport network in Pukekohe, Paerata and south Drury:

  • Drury West Arterial and South Drury Connection
    (external link)

    The Drury West Arterial is a new road extending south from the new Drury West train station at the intersection of SH22 and Jesmond Road and connecting with the proposed Drury South Interchange at Great South Road and SH1.

    The South Drury Connection is a new road connection from the proposed Drury South interchange at SH1 and along the southern extent of the future urban zone in Drury. It would connect with the Drury to Paerata Link at the western extent.

  • Drury-Paerata Link and State Highway 22 Connection

    (external link)
    The Drury-Paerata Link is a road providing a connection between the future communities in Drury and Paerata. The new road provides regional connectivity between Drury West and Paerata growth areas, reducing travel on existing rural roads.The State Highway 22 Connection is a road between the new Drury-Paerata Link and SH22. This two-lane connection with walking and cycling includes the addition of a new section of road and an upgrade of Sim Road.

  • Paerata Arterial(external link)

    The Paerata Arterial is an upgrade to part of Sim Road and Cape Hill Road and a new road alignment at the southern end of the future urban zone that will improve traffic and freight resilience in Pukekohe-Paerata. It also provides a connection to the new Paerata train station.

  • Pukekohe Arterials(external link)

    The Pukekohe Arterials will provide connections to the future urban zones in Pukekohe. These arterial routes will connect people with key local destinations, provide connectivity and greater access to the wider transport network, and provide an alternative route to the current main road through the Pukekohe town centre.

  • Mill Road (Bombay) - Pukekohe East Road Upgrade

    (external link)
    This new road will be an upgrade of Mill Road (Bombay) to four lanes between the SH1 interchange and Harrisville Road. It will tie in with the proposed upgrade of the Bombay Interchange being investigated by Waka Kotahi.

Other projects happening in the area

A number of transport projects are already underway or being planned in the area. Our programme will need to consider these projects, and work with them to transform transport for these communities. Projects include:

Where are we heading?

We are working towards lodging our Notice of Requirement (NoR)(external link) documentation to protect the land we need. Once this is finalised it will be lodged with either Waka Kotahi or Auckland Transport as the requiring authorities. An important part of developing a NoR is consulting with those potentially affected – the community, Manawhenua, businesses, government and community organisations.

We’re working with Auckland Council to integrate our transport planning with Auckland Council’s land use aspirations for the Future Urban Zoned areas of Pukekohe, Paerata, and south Drury as outlined in the Pukekohe-Paerata Structure Plan.(external link)

Southern Stations and Electrification to Pukekohe

South Indicative Strategic Transport Network

Te Tupu Ngātahi investigated an indicative strategic transport network for South Auckland in 2018. It was approved by the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport boards in 2019, confirming the need for investigations into 16 detailed business cases. Pukekohe, Paerata and south Drury are part of this broader strategic network. 

View the network map [PDF, 2.4 MB]


1 November - 13 December 2022
Seeking feedback on the future transport networks in Pukekohe, Paerata and south Drury.

December 2022 - January 2023
The project team will look at all feedback received and consider what changes should be made to the proposals.

January 2023 onwards
Environmental and technical assessments and engagement with Manawhenua, other partners, local property owners, developers and key community stakeholders will continue.

August-September 2023
The Pukekohe Business Case process is expected to be completed in early 2023 and is expected to be scheduled for consideration by the Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi Boards in August and September 2023.

Late 2023
Notice of requirement (NoR) lodgement is planned for October 2023.